Has low back pain taken over your life? A message from Coral-Lei Jane and what she did and didn't do to prevent it in White Rock, Surrey, BC

  Are you sitting for a living these days? Do you think that sitting is it cars of your soreness of the low back?  When you stand up does it hurts as you stand?  When I work long hours at a desk without routine breaks, I need to be mindful of what is happening inside my body. Are you familiar with the iliopsoas  group of muscles?  They are located in the front body attached to your spine, and they are part of what is known as the hip flexors. When you sit for an extended period of time, either watching TV, driving, or working relentlessly at the computer trying to meet a deadline, hip flexors are shortened by this inactivity of the hips. As a result, the muscles tighten with the added compression to the hips and leave the hip flexors at the mercy of oxygen depletion. In this diagram to the left, the iliopsoas shows three muscles that make up the hip flexor group: iliacus, psoas major, and psoas minor (if you even have the minor psoas). The iliacus is flush to the hip, and it c

Yin and Yang Yoga Classes with Trigger Point Myofascial Release , White Rock, BC

Coral-Lei Yoga Summer Hours Yin Yoga Seal Pose           Please contact or text Coral-Lei @ 604-345-6545   White Rock Yoga Studio ( holds eight to ten students maximum Pre-Covid)   What to bring : - a mat (I do recommend purchasing one, yet I have extra mats if needed); - a water bottle (preferably, so that the provided water won't spill); - a nourished body (hydrated with a nourished tummy, just NOT full). Parking : If you have a White Rock parking pass please park in the parking lot provided across the street on Marine Drive.  There are two spots in my driveway.  There are 4 passes in the house. Please walk in.  No need to knock , we know you're already coming. Parking on Gordon is limited. Try not to block off someone's driveway (they may be difficult to distinguish).    Please contact Coral-Lei to guarantee your spot.  Cash, check, e-transfers, and visa, MasterCard The zen fe

Online & Studio Yoga Classes, PLUS Trigger Point Myofascial Release™ with Yin Yoga, in White Rock, BC

Yoga & Healing with Coral-Lei Jane Summer Schedule Yin Yoga with Trigger Points And... Trigger Point Classes & Workshops   ONLINE & HOME Studio ✨ New Time 🌟 New Class 🤩 Special workshop ☝🏻 Click on Blue for quick access Monday: 07:00  Kundalini with Yoga 🌟 09:30  Yin Yoga Tuesday: 09:15  Yin Yoga ✨ Wednesday : 09:00 Book Club 09:30 Yin/ Yang Yoga Thursday: 09:15  Yin Yoga ✨ 19:00  New and Full Moon Classes  ✨  (July 22nd) Saturday : 07:00  Kundalini with Yoga 🌟 09:15  Trigger Point with Yin Yoga  ✨ 13:00 Trigger Point Workshops ✨  ( July 17th) Trigger Point Myofascial Release ™ Monthly Saturday Workshops   $41.99 OR Member Prices Save More (see the price list below ) buttocks release with a soft-ball Yin Yoga  is a slow-paced yoga with only 8-12 postures, or asanas, that are held for  3 - 5 minutes. Yin yoga applies stress to the connective tissues, tendons, ligaments, and fascia with the intention to increase circulation in the joints which